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We operate both a single car transporter on a 16 foot trailer for alll single vehicle movements together with our Mercedes Atego 3 car transporter that is designed to carry either 2 large 4x4 vehicles or vans or 3 standard saloons.

We have an insurance policy that covers us for the transport of vehicles for hire and reward and loading and unloading of vehicles onto our transporter with a range of 50 metres coverage from our transporter to ensure your vehicles is fully protected should we be moving your vehicle.

Our Mercedes Atego is operated under VOSA regulations and driving hours.  It has an operating weight of 15 tons with a maximum load weight of 8 tons so what ever vehicles we are carrying our vehicle will never be overweight.  The vehicle has a hydraulic winch that can load any size of vehicle that is a non runner for transporting to a garage for repair, we use a 2 piece tow strap that fits onto the vehicles wishbones to ensure safe loading whilst being winched onto our vehicle.  We can load low vehicles due to our 2 part ramp system and for very low vehicles we have small extender skids to ensure no body damage will incur whilst being loaded or unloaded.

Our Ifor Williams car transporter trailer can carry a maximum weight of 2650 KG which car carry most vehicle on the road including Audi A8, BMW X5, Range Rover and Audi Q7 vehicles.  the trailer tilts for a low angle for loading of lower vehicles and has a hand winch to load non running vehicles.

We have listed below a few example photos of vehicles we have moved during the last 6 months